A Glider can help you save money throughout its lifecycle, beginning with an acquisition cost that is significantly less than a new truck. Financing options through Daimler Truck Financial at or near new truck rates make it even easier to own a Glider. Then when you put it to work, a Glider may outperform a used truck with better efficiency and lower cost per mile. A Glider’s long-term reliability and superior warranty coverage help decrease maintenance and service costs, giving you more productive uptime. And with better resale value retention than a typical used truck, it’s easy to see how a Glider can shrink your overall cost of ownership from start to finish.


A Glider kit can be assembled is less time than a typical in-frame overhaul, due to the completeness of the Glider assembly and loose parts box. Less assembly time means lower labor charges and getting back on the road sooner.


A Glider kit extends the useful life of your existing powertrain with an updated cab and chassis, and is a smart business decision for making application conversions. Gliders are a faster, more cost-effective solution for standardizing multiple fleet units, or for repairing units down due to wreck or fire.


Every Glider is backed by a Freightliner or Western Star Warranty, which include:
 • 1 year/100,000 miles on the basic vehicle, including 100% parts and labor
 • Freightliner 3 years/300,000 miles on the cab structure
 • Western Star 5 years/unlimited miles on the cab structure
 • 6 years/750,000 miles on the frame and cross members


Extended Service Coverage may be available for your Glider chassis. Please contact your local dealer for available options and pricing.


DTNA Gliders are backed by an unsurpassed network of Freightliner and Western Star dealers nationwide, giving you excellent parts availability and expert service when you need it. Diligent customer support is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Watch the video to see how Gliders are built right along with new trucks


The Next Best Thing to a New Truck*

A Daimler Trucks Glider Kit is a brand new, complete assembly to repair your wrecked or badly worn vehicle that includes the frame, cab, steer axle and wheels, plus a long list of standard equipment. Every Glider also comes with a loose parts box containing up to 160 parts — everything you need to get rolling.

More Options and Value than a Used Truck

Don’t compromise your productivity with a used truck that may not fit your needs. Spec a Glider with the exact configuration and equipment you need, choose from a wide range of options, and get like-new performance while reducing your cost of ownership.

*NHTSA regulation 49 CFR 571.7 (e)

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